Onion Turrets, IvoryTowers, Imperial Cupolas

Please lock me away……

Danae was sent to the tower to protect her virtue;  in an ivory tower intellectuals are supposed to argue over how many angels one can fit on the head of a pin; and those searching for a bit of unworldly peace to write that novel, scan their slides, write a song or ponder on the meaning of life, could seek a tower to lock themselves away in – in which case Mittel-Europa and Graz in particular would be a good place to head for, towers abound in the lands of the erstwhile Austo-Hungarian Empire.

onion dome.Graz
onion dome


mediaeval tower, Graz, Austria
mediaeval tower, Graz
almost unlimited choice of styles
Clock Tower on Castle Hill,Graz
Clock Tower on Castle Hill
 Starke Häuschen, Carl Rotky
an artist really did live here in Starke Häuschen (now a café), the painter Carl Rotky
Tower in Vinohrady, Prague

When in Prague I stay with a friend who lives here on the top floor….in the tower. Living within curved walls – an experience not to be missed.

Please lock me away……….I won’t stay in a world without love

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