Sirens and mermaids in English are two different creatures but one in the same in Italian. Both belong to the menagerie of mythological females who lure men to their doom. In the case of the siren it is her voice that holds the fatal power, with the mermaid her sensuality. That said the pagan mermaids... Continue Reading →

A Salsomaggiore Spa transparency

I have had to dig into my archive to find a shot that a musician saw on my website and wishes to use on his album cover. I got out my transparencies box and started rooting through the work of 10 - 25 years ago to find the 5x4 I was looking for. This was one... Continue Reading →

The Metamorphosis of Daphne

I have just dug out my negatives of Daphne who was born in 1995. She results from a collaboration between myself and sculptor Giorgio Bevignani with whom I'd already collaborated on other photographs in the Metamorphoses series the year before. The laurel bush was constructed by Giorgio from soft steel wire and clip-on metal leaves.... Continue Reading →

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