A Portrait in Italy

Luci, Allegra Nicholas in poppiefield

The landscape within an hour’s drive of Orvieto is of such uncommon beauty that it lends itself naturally to portraiture. Gainsborough was one of the first painters to move his sitters out of the studio or drawing room and into the countryside – I feel I am following his tradition.

allegra print
glassless framed print

What other profession offers a service as permanent as a photographic portrait? Apart from the outstanding quality of an image made by a professional photographer there is also the quality of the print. Patrick Nicholas uses a large format pigment printer quite unlike a desktop printer – the print is on fine art cotton paper and  is  guaranteed to last 150 – 200 years. What is more it can print very large indeed – just think what you could do with a print 2m (12 ft) long! Larger prints are best dry mounted on board and framed without glass. That way they are light, easy to hang and  and have no nasty reflections.

Why not combine an Italian holiday with a portrait sitting or even a nude portrait in the incomparable Tuscan landscape? A weekend or even longer in Orvieto will give you the opportunity to explore the area, sample its delights such as the Tuscan/Umbrian cuisine and go home with a portrait printed on fine art paper.

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