Nautilus Photo Shoot and Post Production

NAUTILUS A new entry in the Metamorphosis series. After 6 years of gestation, the Nautilus photo shoot in Amsterdam is the latest addition to my Metamorphosis series portfolio. Sometimes the gestation period for a picture runs from months into years. I met Silvia, a dusky Portuguese beauty, in Holland in 2013 at the first public... Continue Reading →

The Three Graces, Part 1: in the church

The shot of The Three Graces was on my list of projects for over six years, but I could never get three friends together at the same time. Two beautiful Canadians, Kelsey and Renè walked into my Orvieto Gallery in mid October and looked attentively at the pictures both on the walls and in the... Continue Reading →

Location, Location, Location

Location: St Patrick's Well Orvieto and Danae The Umbrian city of Orvieto and its environs in Latium and Tuscany have provided me with most of my locations for the Belle. Sometimes I realise the image on location, but occasionally this is physically impossible as was the case with Danae (2009) for which I wished to... Continue Reading →


Casalisca 1989 Casalisca based on Ingres’ La Grande Odalisque The second of the series after the Corday. I had had in mind the idea of interpreting the Ingres’ Grande Odalisque  for some time and I had even done a version with the same set, but the first model was not right. Then in 1989 a girl... Continue Reading →

Working with Amateur Models

The women in my pictures are unpaid amateurs of all ages, types, nationalities and cultures. Many of them have never posed before for anything other than snapshots. What's it like for the photographer and what's it like for them? The photographer's point of view. The Meeting. I am quite brazen - I just ask if... Continue Reading →

Katia’s story

What is it like to pose for one of the Belle? Here is Katia's humorous story.  A young journalist from Australia of Italian origin she posed for Correspondent and also for Klimtomania with  fellow Australian, her friend Daniella also of Italian origin. Woman Stripped Bare by Katia Sanfilippo I stand, naked, with a bright red pashmina... Continue Reading →

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