Art and Run

Patrick Nicholas has decided to show off. He organises events in cafés, spas, clubs; they are not strictly exhibitions as nothing is hung on the wall. Rather he displays his work on an easel, explaining how the Belle series has developed over the years. He recounts anecdotes about the individual works. He invites some of... Continue Reading →

Showing off in Bolsena

An exhibition in Bolsena Le Sorgenti (The Source) in the little lakeside town of Bolsena has developed from small bar and bookshop to much larger restaurant and bookshop. I am full of admiration for Le Sorgenti's founder Katia Maurelli. To sell books anywhere these days is nothing short of courage incarnated, but even more so... Continue Reading →

Hang ’em High

Despite the fact that photography is seen more and more in art galleries, my work tends to be shown most in furniture show rooms and Design Stores. I like to print big and a framed photograph covers a lot of wall space. Someone visiting a design store looking for furniture is well disposed to buying... Continue Reading →

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