The inspiration behind art photography. Le Spectre de la Rose.

Poetry,  music and painting,  all converge in this photo-shoot, setting the mood for the final image. This picture had its origins in the sight of a freshly painted blue boat on the shores of Lake Bolsena which reminded me of a painting by Carl Moll, a mysterious, unsettling picture of a blue boat in a flooded... Continue Reading →

Corngold, Saggezza Misteriosa

Place is ever so important to artists and Lake Bolsena is a unique place. A large and deep volcanic lake north of Rome with  two islands it was the centre of the Etruscan cult for over a thousand years and here catholics believe not one, but two miracles occurred. A meadow slopes down towards the... Continue Reading →

Alter Ego

Alter Ego 2007 I wanted to do a photo on the lake and this was the ideal subject. It was mid October but although a grey day, warm enough. I used a flash with a coloured gel to create something of the warmth of the original and enhance the baroque feel of a radiant subject... Continue Reading →

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