Location, Location, Location

Location: St Patrick's Well Orvieto and Danae The Umbrian city of Orvieto and its environs in Latium and Tuscany have provided me with most of my locations for the Belle. Sometimes I realise the image on location, but occasionally this is physically impossible as was the case with Danae (2009) for which I wished to... Continue Reading →

Rusalka’s Song to the Moon

Rusalka, a Slavic folk tale set to music by Dvořák Rusalka was suggested  to me by a professional opera singer who had herself performed the role in Dvořák’s eponymous opera. A folk tale found in the slavic world akin to Andersen’s Little Mermaid and equally tragic. Rusalka is a beautiful water sprite living in a... Continue Reading →

Art Photography Inspiration – Luxe, Calme et … Choco Pie.

Unusual connections sometimes can spark art photography inspiration and creativity. Baudelaire’s poem “Invitation du Voyage” and a news item about Choco Pie are behind the making of this image. Luxe, Calme et Volupté comes from a line taken from Baudelaire’s poem Invitation du Voyage, but it was a news item about a chocolate confection popular in communist North Korea that inspired this image, the coveted Choco Pie.

On The Beach

We set off to take a photo on the beach in mid October despite the awful weather because this was the last opportunity of the year. We had planned to take the picture back in 2007 when I met her shortly after opening my gallery in Orvieto, though something had always conspired to postpone time... Continue Reading →

Balnea Vina Venus

Balnea Vina Venus 2005 What is it that makes a painting more or less erotic? The subject? The pose? The beauty of the sitter? Surely all three but there are other  important elements as well. The  “Tepidarium” by Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema, painted in 1881, is made up of a number of elements that  would... Continue Reading →

Venus of the Sherds

Venus of the Sherds  2005 One of the greatest paintings of the Renaissance, Sleeping Venus is an unusual, not to say mysterious work, even for an out of the ordinary painter like Giorgione. The work was unfinished on his death at 34 of plague to be completed by Titian who then went on to paint similar Venuses of... Continue Reading →


Fascisca 2005 This is the second photograph I have done based on Ingres’ Grande Odalisque (the other is Casalisca). Ingres is one of those artists who can give a certain comfort to artists who have passed middle age as several of his most famous works were painted towards the end of long life. The Turkish... Continue Reading →

More Lentils, Less Lust

More Lentils, Less Lust 2009 Lautrec was an enthusiastic frequenter of brothels, as were most of his contemporaries, so nothing unusual there; but he painted the women and occasionally their clients. He seems to have had a faiblesse for redheads. No academic nudes these. Henri was not an attractive man: too much in-breeding in the aristocracy and a... Continue Reading →

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