Dio stramaledica gli Inglesi!

Sometimes I come back to a picture with a new idea, usually to add something - such are the wonders of Photoshop - despised I know by many purists but manna from heaven to someone like me who never knows when to stop. In this case I have tinkered with a 2006 picture called Correspondent... Continue Reading →


Weeping Willow Woman

In early spring 2009 I took the picture above of a weeping willow on Lake Bolsena. A fortnight later a high wind ripped off  the upper bough and for at least a couple of years it lay semi-submerged, rotting in the shallow water below. I grew up with Willow Pattern. As a child I was... Continue Reading →

Eve of Destruction

A hundred years ago few anywhere suspected that the most deadly war of all time was about to break out in six months time. What occupied the minds of Britons was whether women should be awarded the vote or not, the disruptive campaign the Suffragettes were carrying out and the Liberal government's heavy handed reaction... Continue Reading →

The Formal Nude

It occurred to me one afternoon in Paris what made some female nudes shocking - it depends on what they are wearing, or, on their hair. The occasion was the Felix Vallatton exhibition in January. The artist was perhaps best known for his curious conversation pieces of couples in which the title added an unsettling... Continue Reading →

Private View

In London over Christmas I paid a visit to the London Museum with my wife and 10 year old daughter and what did we run across quite unexpectedly? This, the actual placard that the so called Protein Man paraded up and down Oxford St, London for 25 years. His name was Stanley Green, a harmless... Continue Reading →

Las Vegas Sleeper

Sometimes you have to wait years before you see the results of your labours. I recently heard from architect Len Cotsovolos who purchased 4 pictures from me to decorate a project he was designing way back in 2009. He sent me a Christmas card in which therewas the link to his website  where I finally... Continue Reading →

Marat’s bath tub

On a recent visit to Paris I thought I must see Marat's original bath tub in which he was stabbed by Charlotte Corday on July 13, 1793, in the Grévin Wax Museum. The tableau, one of the oldest in the museum, purports to show the scene immediately after the stabbing. The bathtub, which is impossible... Continue Reading →


Back in October 2007 I set up a picture based on a painting by the French academic painter Gerome called The Judgement of Phryne. I had to shoot 5 pictures in the course of a week as a Swiss TV documentary crew were following both me and my models for a film entitled Woman Portraying... Continue Reading →

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