Paola Turci Shoot Contact Sheet

Paola Turci

Paola Turci contact print

Recently I received an email from a fan of Italian singer-songwriter Paola Turci. He had seen a picture I had taken of her for the album ‘Ragazze’ on my website and asked to see some more unpublished photos from the same shoot. So I got out my negative album and scanned  them as a contact sheet. Shot in my studio on Kodak Plus X with a Mamiya RB67 with a soft portrait lens and developed by myself.

Paola Turci

Paola Turci contact sheet

Paola Turci cover

Raggazze – album cover

The shoot was in June 1993. The first part was in the studio, for the second part we went to Elba and shot mainly on the rocks by the seashore as there was a seaside theme running through her songs. It was a perfect trip, everything went well. When I got back to Bologna my much loved cat Biko had disappeared, presumed poisoned. Two months later Paola had a very bad car accident and was badly scarred – but she was lucky to survive.

Paola Turci

Turci: unpublished shots

Before the shoot she showed me some favourite jewellery, Indian bangles and things. I liked the heavy bracelet and given that we were shooting in studio and also on location in Elba I suggested we use it as a leitmotiv throughout the shoot to pull the whole thing together. In fact we did a detail of just her hand and wrist, with the bangle, on the sea shore  for the inside cover which tied in with the cover shot.

Paola Turci

A Polaroid of Paola scanned directly from the  neg

A journalist remarked on the fact that we don’t see her face on the cover – as if both photographer and artiste had had a premonition of the accident. Strange.
I still use the trusty  30 year-old Mamiya RB occasionally. It’s been through so much, even including being roasted in an oven! But I don’t develop my own film – that I take to a lab.
There are many other shots, mainly from Elba, I may well post them in the future.
Listen to Paola Turci on YouTube
Paola Turci contact sheet

the contact sheet with the cover picture

2 thoughts on “Paola Turci Shoot Contact Sheet

  1. Elba: I’ll dig into my archive and see what I can find. As for the Mamiya … well, thereby hangs a tale! It’s mentioned here too by my make-up artist in this documentary

    Perhaps I should do a post on how to hide valuable cameras in a none too secure seaside flat – and how it can go horribly wrong.

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